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Who We Are


       In November 2017, University Climate Delegation Coalition was founded by three climate delegates (COP 23) from the University of Michigan: Michael Lerner (Political Science), Chris Karounos (Environment and Sustainability), and Samantha Basile (Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering). The purpose of the coalition is serve as a platform for amplifying the collective voice and actions of university observer delegates to international climate negotiations. The jumping off point for the formation of the coalition was a collective letter written to the Climate Solutions Caucus, sent on December 11th, 2017.


       The mission of the University Climate Delegation Coalition is to coordinate collective action by climate delegations from U.S. colleges and universities in support of timely and ambitious climate change policy at the university, national, and international levels. Collective actions can include joint statements to lawmakers, newspaper op-ed’s, or letter-writing campaigns.

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